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6 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in 2020 for Blood Pressure Testing

There is no reason why you should not use an at-home blood pressure monitor, but there are a number reasons why you should. And the best one of them is avoiding the daily trips to doctors. They are good people, but if apples don’t work out for you, then these best blood pressure monitors definitely should. And no one likes to visit hospitals again and again. 

One of the significant advantages of using an at-home blood pressure monitor is the fact that you can measure blood pressure from your wrists too. Also, some of them can accommodate extra-large arms too, unlike the monitors available with doctors. 

 We have handpicked the six best blood pressure monitors available in the market, check them out and tell us in the comments which one you like the best. 

Here are the 6 Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Home use

11st Place Omron’s Ten Series Blood Pressure MonitorBy Omron 4.8


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2Best Value Greater Goods’ Blood Pressure Monitor with a Cuff KitBy Greater Goods 4.6


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3 Omron’s 7 Series Blood Pressure MonitorBy Omron 4.5


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4 Care Touch’s Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff MonitorBy Care Touch 4.6


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5 Omron EvolvBy Omron 4.5


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6 Withings Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorBy Withing 4.5


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1. Omron’s Ten Series Blood Pressure Monitor (Best Value Blood Pressure Monitor)

Omron’s Ten Series Blood Pressure MonitorOmron’s 10th series model of blood pressure monitor combines a range of premium features with surprisingly affordable price. It automatically averages your past blood pressure results when you take your blood pressure.

However, for the results to be average, you need to take readings for more than three times. The Monitor also allows you to keep track of your exercise using the free app by Omron. 

Read More about Omron’s Ten Series Blood Pressure Monitor

What we like

  • Takes an average of more than three readings automatically – doctors recommend taking more than three readings of blood pressure in a row, this application does that automatically. 
  • Switch between two users – There is a switch located on the front of the device that lets you switch between two different profiles instantly.
  • Track your statistics for free with their free app – You can download the free app by Omron and track your statistics, the app keeps 200 readings saved. 
  • Backlit display – to make the usage of this device easy to use and read, Omron has added a backlit display, it usually helps in low light conditions. 
  • Works with Amazon Alexa – this blood pressure monitor is super smart! You can connect it to Alexa and ask Alexa any blood pressure-related questions. 
  • Use battery power and the A/C adapter – most of the blood pressure monitors work on batteries, but this one monitor works on electricity.
  • User-friendly interface – it has a two-user toggle switch and a start/stop button which adds to the ease of use of this device. 

What We Dont Like

  • Lacks irregular heartbeat detector feature – if you intend to monitor the symptoms of any other heart disease or if you have recently had a heart attack, then you should prefer the monitor that can check your other cardiovascular irregularities. 

Omron’s 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitors are not only basic, but also high quality, so if that’s what you are looking for, don’t go anywhere else. The cost is not too high, but at the same time, the results are reasonably accurate. And when combined with premium features like Alexa integration, and backlit display, the deal is not all that bad. 

2. Greater Goods’ Blood Pressure Monitor with a Cuff Kit (Most User-Friendly Blood Pressure Monitor)

Greater Goods’ Blood Pressure MonitorAll the above and below mentioned blood pressure monitors in this list are relatively user-friendly; however, Greater Goods’ Blood Pressure Monitor, takes away the award. It has a large and bright display, which is clearly labelled, and it comes with a convenient colour-coded bar that makes it easier to figure out the results.

Its friendliness increases to its power abilities too – either power it using electricity or power it using a battery, whichever is feasible to you. And despite its ease of use, you face any problems in operating the monitor; then their support staff is always available for help.

Read more about Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure

What we like

  • Intuitive interface – the display of this monitor is large, which makes it easier to read the readings, but at the same time it is organised in such a way that genuinely makes sense. 
  • One-button operation – all you need to do is click one single button when you are ready.
  • Two power options – in case you run out of batteries, you can always switch to A/C adapter
  • Easy to store and transport – you can store the device, cuff and the A/C adapter by folding them and storing them in a handbag.
  • Excellent customer service – their support team is super-helpful, everyone has always complimented them on this. 
  • Timestamps each reading – every time you take a reading, date and time are recorded with it, this makes it easier to conduct an analysis later. 
  • Detects irregular heartbeat patterns – not only is this machine awesome at measuring blood pressure, but it is also capable of detecting other medical conditions like Arrhythmia. 

What We Dont Like

  • There’s no way to export reading – sorry; you just can’t use this device with a health app. For this advanced monitor, you will have to travel back in time and record results manually.

If you are seacrhing for the best deal, here, take it. It is nothing fancy, but it is efficient in its job. If you do not prefer using an app and want to keep track of everything at your home, then this one is your best option. 

3. Omron’s 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor (Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor)

Omron’s 7 Series Blood Pressure MonitorOmron’s making another presence in the list – this one though, is specifically for Wrist blood pressure. Here, bringing you a blood pressure monitor that doesn’t make loud noises to inform everyone around you what you are doing. It is very discreet

It is designed not to make any noise while it is checking your blood pressure from your wrist.

Read More about Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor  

What we like

  • Portable and discreet – A Wrist blood pressure monitor that comes with an extra-quiet inflation monitor. 
  • Offers more comfort than any other blood pressure monitor – this monitor does not put as much pressure on your wrists while taking the reading, as other monitors do.
  • Guides you into the correct position – to show that you have acquired the right posture to take the reading, a light will shine. 
  • Detects irregular heartbeats – the 10 series device of Omron couldn’t measure anything else but blood pressure, however this one can. It can detect Arrhythmia and other diseases.
  • Comes with a storage case – so when you are not using it, fold it away and the pack.
  • Automatically averages your latest readings – ten minutes after your first three readings, you start getting their average.
  • Five-year warranty – till five years of purchase, if you find any problems with the blood pressure monitor, then send it back to Omron – they’ll either replace it or repair it. 

What We Dont Like

  • No Amazon Alexa or Bluetooth support – unlike the previous model of this company, neither can you send the data to an app for further analysis, nor you can use any other way to export the data. 

If you are serious about your readings, then you know that there are cases when you have to take the readings in public, that’s when you will be thankful you ordered the Series 7 by Omron. 

4. Care Touch’s Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor (Fastest Blood Pressure Monitor)

Care Touch’s Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff MonitorRead the heading and the first thing that will come to your mind is, ‘this sounds like a mixture of all the features mentioned above’, which is true. It is fast, and it is fully automatic, which makes it easy to use.

Its display screen has a colour-coded bar that tells you where you stand, which is an amazing feature if you are a beginner. The display of this device is more extensive than any of the devices you have met until now. 

Read more about Care Touch Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

What we like

  • 60-second response time – most of the blood pressure monitors will make you wait for some time before showing you the results, not this one, maximum you have to wait is 60 seconds. 
  • Detects irregular heartbeats – it tells you if there are any other cardiovascular diseases like a leaky valve so that you can get immediate medical attention. 
  • Small and portable – it measures only 2.9*2.6, length and breadth, so you can carry this small device anywhere with you. 
  • Fits most wrist sizes – the cuff that it comes with can be adjusted to accommodate wrists as small as 5.5-inches and as large as 8.5-inches. 
  • One-years satisfaction guarantee – the features are a lot, but still if for some reason, you don’t like it, you can always return it within a year, and you will get the complete refund. 

What We Dont Like

  • You need batteries to use it – you can plug it in a power source to charge it, you can only use batteries

When it comes to the guarantee, there is no other brand that can compete with Care Touch, which is why it is one of the most trusted products in the market. The bonus is, it is quicker than its competition. 

5. Omron Evolv (Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor)

Omron EvolvAbout time we talk about accuracy, huh. Omron Evolv comes with added sensors and an algorithm which is duly patented that makes it more accurate than any other product in the market.

Most of the digital blood pressure monitors want you to sit in a certain way to take the reading, but that is not the case with Omron Evolv. Position yourself however you like, you don’t even need to roll your sleeve upwards. 

Read more about Omron Evolv

What we like

  • Works with Amazon Alexa – you can connect your blood pressure monitor to Amazon Alexa and ask Alexa questions about your health.
  • Use the app to track your statistics – this blood pressure monitor comes with a free app that lets you upload the data of health on the app and make it easier to track. 
  • More accurate than the most digital blood pressure monitor – the blood pressure monitor comes with an added sensor that makes it more reliable than any other blood pressure monitor in the market.
  • Thin and lightweight – when compared with most of the other devices, this one has a comparatively slimmer profile.
  • Set up as many profiles as you want – most of the other blood pressure monitors restricts the number of accounts to two, that is not the case with Omron Evolv.
  • Remains accurate even when you measure with the sleeves on – the sensors are sensitive to take measurements, that too accurate, over most types of clothing, no need to roll your sleeves. 

What We Dont Like

  • The inflation motor is somewhat noisy – this device is not loud, per se, but it may attract unwanted attention when used in a public area. 

If you prioritise accuracy above everything else, then you need to go with Omron Evolv. When compared with other blood pressure monitors, it is not costly, yet it gives you very accurate and precise readings. The fact that you can measure the readings even without removing your shirt sleeves makes it that much more attractive. 

6. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (Most Accurate Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor)

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorThe Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the fewer blood pressure monitors that come with an app for a smartphone. So not only are you getting a wireless blood pressure monitor, but you also get an app to keep track of all your readings.

Not only this but with this blood pressure monitor, you can also share the data with your doctor very quickly. 

Read More About Withings Blood pressure Monitor

What we like

  • Comes with an app for smartphone – you can easily connect this blood pressure monitor with a smartphone using an app. 
  • Multi-user capability – more than one user can use this blood pressure and all the data will be stored under multiple profiles. 
  • Excellent Customer service – this is one of the key points that make Withings the best; they provide unparalleled customer service. 

What We Dont Like

  • Confusing app interface – the interface of this app is a little bit difficult to navigate at first. However, you get the hang of it pretty soon. 

Not only do they provide seamless customer service, but the monitor also comes with an app, which makes it convenient to analyse the data, analyse it and share it with doctors. You might face some difficulties with the interface of the app, but it is not all that bad either when you get the hang of it. 

Buying Guide for Blood Pressure Monitors

So those were the blood pressure monitors, the best ones, that are available in the market currently. And if you need help deciding the best one for you, then here is a buying guide in detail. 

This buying guide will help you find the best parameters that are right for you in the monitor that you are looking to buy. 

Points to consider

Accuracy v/s Comfort

The first thing that you should consider while you are out in the marketplace to buy a blood pressure monitor. Generally, as the comforts of a blood pressure monitor increases, its accuracy decreases. If you want to check the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor, then see whether they can measure from your upper arm. However, if you are sensitive about the pressure applied by the monitors on your arm, then you might want to go for the monitor that can measure from your wrist. However, a monitor of that kind cannot be accurate if you are not precise in using them.

Digital v/s analogue

The benefits that come with blood pressure monitors are that they don’t need an external power source. This is the reason why they tend to last longer and come handy in emergencies. However, if the person using the monitor has terrible eyesight, or they can’t hear properly, then these monitors might prove difficult for them to use. Moreover, if people who have arthritis are using the manual blood pressure monitor hand pump, then might struggle a bit since that inflates the cuffs.

Sharing or no sharing?

If many people intend to use the blood pressure monitor, and if you want to avoid buying two blood pressure monitors, then you might want to go for a digital monitor since digital monitors can store readings for different people. 

Data Connection?

Some of the blood pressure monitors cannot work without internet connections, but some others can, and you can also use the local storage in those monitors.

Portability and storage

This also becomes an essential factor while choosing a blood pressure monitor, since the storage space you have for the monitor would decide which monitor you should buy. If you don’t have enough storage space, then you should purchase the monitors that measure from the wrist.

Ease of use

If you go for electronic blood pressure monitors, then they would always be easy to use. However, the manual ones can be a pain in the backside. In electronic monitors, all you have to do is press a button, and you would be good to go. If you have never done this before in your life, then try the colour-coded indicator on the interface, that will help you to infer the results.

Arm Size

You might need an extra-large blood pressure monitor cuff if you have big arms due to whatever reason. So make sure to measure your arm size using a measuring tape before you buy the monitor. If your arm is larger than 16-inches, then your arm might not be able to fit inside a standard-sized cuff of blood pressure monitor. 

Price ranges

Budget – low range

Blood pressure monitors that test from the wrist are the cheapest! An elementary but good version starts from $30. Many manual pressure monitors also fall in this range. 

Budget: mid-range

If you desire precision in your readings, then you might want to invest in something more sensitive. Electronic blood pressure monitors are quite delicate, and they start from $40. 

Budget: high-end

The costlier a blood pressure monitor gets, the more features are added into it. The high-end blood pressure monitors come with unique features like additional sensors; however, their price starts at $60.

Best Blood pressure Monitors FAQ's

✅ What is the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use?

As wen said above, according to us, the most accurate blood pressure monitor is the Omron Evolv as it has the latest updated sensors and its calculative algorithm provides the best result

✅ What blood pressure monitor do doctors recommend?

Doctors have claimed that one should only use the upper arm blood pressure monitors as more accurate data is obtained from there as there to the wrist

✅ What time of day is blood pressure highest?

You may find the highest reading in the afternoon as while you sleep it is the lowest and it keeps increasing as you are about to wake

✅ How would you differentiate systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

Systolic pressure is the pressure your heart puts right after a single beating. Diastolic pressure, on the other hand, tells you how much your blood pressure is between two consecutive beats. If both diastolic and systolic blood pressures are high, then that means your aorta is hard. Pulse pressure is the difference between diastolic and systolic blood pressure, and if this number is greater than 60, then that means the leaky valve is absent. 

✅ At what pressure points should I consult a doctor?

Doctors say when your systolic blood pressure exceeds 180, and the diastolic exceeds 120, then you must see a doctor. 

✅ When should I measure the blood pressure?

Doctors recommend measuring the blood pressure twice daily; the first one should be in the morning, right before breakfast and then right before the bed in the evening. 

Tips and Tricks

  • When you visit the doctor next after buying a blood pressure monitor, you should take your monitor along with the blood glucose meter with you. That way, you can compare the reading that doc gave you with the reading of your blood pressure monitor. This way, you will get the chance to see if your monitor needs recalibration.
  • There are a lot of physical activities and food/beverage items that affect your blood pressure. You should not take the reading after drinking alcohol or after smoking. You should also avoid taking reading after consuming coffee. The consumption of these substances will not give you a clear picture of your blood pressure, as compared to the time you are resting. 
  • Do not switch your arms or change their positions; every time you take a reading, try to be consistent for consistent and accurate results. 
  • Take two or three readings in a row to improve the accuracy of your reading. This way, you will be able to average three measurements when you log them. Some of the digital blood pressure monitors available in the market do this on their own. 

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I hope I could help you find the best blood pressure monitor that suits your needs. Should there be any other problem you face, let us know, and we’ll help you out!

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